More channels, power, and options with CO-Link™

Imagine two control boxes and just one hand control
Occasionally, more than the four channels available in your actuator system is required. Very advanced healthcare applications, such as specialty beds, some bariatric chairs, and various treatment tables and chairs, sometimes need extra channels for additional actuators or other value adding features. Using LINAK CO61 control boxes, this is where you would consider the CO-Link. 

 - Up to eight channels and more power (2 x 200W)
 - Simple setup with cables and a piece of customised software
 - Easy logistics using products you already have

The CO-Link is not a product. It is a concept developed by LINAK to comply with customers producing specialised adjustable healthcare applications. Applications, with the need for more than the traditional four-channel setup for their applications.

Up to eight channels for specialty applications
With a LINAK CO-Link it is possible to create advanced movement in highly specialised applications within healthcare. The concept not only adds another control box CO61and thereby twice as many channels, it also grants you an additional 200W of power. All controlled with just one hand control.

Order a cable and download your customised software
LINAK has made it easy to create a CO-Link without developing a new and expensive system. It is just to connect your two control boxes CO61 with a cable via a standard LINAK junction box. The control software is customised for your unique application and it is easy to download, when you are ready.

Build your setup with what you already have
Of course, specialty beds and other very advanced healthcare applications do not sell as many numbers as for instance a hospital bed or a normal patient lift. That is exactly why your CO-Link builds upon LINAK products you already have in stock. The same actuators, control boxes, controls etc. This gives you ideal logistics and flexibility to answer customer inquiries right away.