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Homecare beds


Already many countries experience a need for skilled nursing and healthcare personnel. Populations are ageing rapidly in many parts of the world, and more and more people suffer from chronic lifestyle diseases. In the future, there will be an even bigger need for skilled personnel. This turns the focus on all kinds of homecare equipment suited to make the elderly and the disabled less dependent on external help.
The bed is an obvious place to start if you are looking for innovative ideas to improve people’s independence. A homecare bed fitted with an easily controlled intelligent electric actuator solution will help the person get safely in and out of bed as well as making the stay in bed more comfortable. However, there is no need to stop there.
An OpenBus™ actuator solution from LINAK MEDLINE® & CARELINE® presents a virtually endless potential for innovative thinking and new ideas for the homecare bed. You could monitor a patient via the internet. You could build emergency alarm functions into the bed. You could improve the comfort of the user by incorporating control of instance lights and USB-connections in the bed. The list of OpenBus™ possibilities just goes on and on.

Let us explore the possibilities together

We believe the market for homecare beds will increase dramatically in the coming years.
Contact LINAK MEDLINE & CARELINE if you would like to explore the possibilities. All members of the MEDLINE & CARELINE team have immense product and application expertise to put at your disposal. If you have an idea to improve an existing homecare bed or if you plan to enter a completely new market our team is ready to help you.
The extensive MEDLINE & CARELINE range of electric actuators, control boxeslifting columns and controls offer full flexibility. Our well-tested and documented quality ensures that you always get a safe and reliable actuator solution for your application.
Homecare Bed Systems

System example for Homecare Beds
There are many possible ways of combining the optimal system solution for Homecare Beds and hereby perfect movement. Learn more about homecare bed systems »

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