New maintenance-free mains cut-off units for leisure beds

With the ZERO™ technology the new mains cut-off units reduce the standby power consumption of the entire motor system to an incredibly low maximum of 0.1W

Product News:  Tuesday, 17 April 2012
The TWINDRIVE system is the perfect choice if you want a smooth and silent adjustment of your leisure bed as well as extremely low standby power consumption.

At LINAK, we are determined to minimise the influence that our activities and the use of our products may cause the environment. One of the measures we have taken towards more environmentally friendly products is the introduction of our ZERO™ technology in our mains cut-off units for leisure beds.

Mains Cut-off with ZERO Logo
Mains cut-off with ZERO logo engraved

ZERO Technology
ZERO Technology

With the launch of the new maintenance-free mains cut-off units without battery, you have an option to choose a TWINDRIVE ZERO system and thereby reduce the standby power of the entire motor system to an incredibly low maximum of 0.1 W.

Learn more about low standby power in our TD ZERO folder.

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® system in the HOMELINE brochure.


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Updated: Tuesday, 17 July 2012 11:21 AM