VR video: take a look inside our production site in Denmark

Now you can discover our DESKLINE production at first hand – explore our new 360 degrees virtual reality tour at our headquarters in Denmark.

Corporate News:  Wednesday, 1 November 2017
VR video: take a look inside our production site in Denmark

Welcome inside LINAK. We are happy to give you a 360 degrees virtual reality tour of our DESKLINE® production site at our headquarters in Denmark.

Take a flight in open air, above our production area, and fly into our production building. Here, you can have a look at how we produce and assemble our products in our modern production area - ready to construct high-quality products for your furniture of the future.

Open workspace and modern production facilities
Have a look over our shoulder while we produce and assemble our products and take your own look around our production area, and watch how we produce and build our own spindle and motor parts, and discover how our modern robots play a naturally included element in our production.

With our new virtual reality video, you can follow our DESKLINE production process step by step: right from the planning to production and assembly, to the final stage of freight. Every day we produce and ship a vast amount of products to our customers around the world.

World-class production and continuous development
At LINAK, we strive to be an open and innovative company. As a world leader in developing and manufacturing electric linear actuator solutions with more than 40 years of experience, we focus on LEAN production. This means that we take feedback on our products and us as a natural and valuable part for continuous development.

The LINAK headquarters: A space for co-creation for great functional design
Our headquarters in Denmark is built to our philosophy that the key to great design is people. And this is why our production and office teams work together side by side – co-creating the products improving your life. We hope that our virtual reality tour will give you a good idea of who we are and how we work. Welcome to LINAK.


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Updated: Wednesday, 1 November 2017 2:27 AM