LINAK raises the bar for machine washable healthcare products

Introducing the LINAK standard, IPX6 Washable DURA™, will enable manufacturers of adjustable hospital equipment to offer durable applications ready for years of repetitive machine washing.

Corporate News:  Friday, 5 January 2018
International requirements regarding hygiene in modern hospitals are constantly increased. LINAK products not only comply with these requirements – they push to go even further. This helps give dedicated manufacturers of hospital equipment a competitive edge.

Bacteria and infections in hospitals cost millions of dollars globally every year. According to the WHO, 7-10 of 100 patients acquire an infection while hospitalised, and hygiene has thus become one of the top most priorities for healthcare professionals worldwide.

For more than 30 years, hygiene has played a part at LINAK too when developing electric actuator systems for adjustable healthcare applications. As standards and requirements to hospital equipment has gradually sharpened, LINAK R&D has continuously improved and refined our products through intense research and development as well as increased testing. This means that LINAK has not only always complied with the rules in force, but helped push them further.

Pushing the standards for washable applications
While researching materials, analysing new components, and working with durability testing of products, LINAK engineers continually develop new solutions to exceed what is required by current standards. This has led to a whole new LINAK standard – IPX6 Washable DURA™ - enabling electric actuator systems to cope with repetitive machine washing for many years.

 LINAK IPX6 Washable DURA™    Pushing the standards for washable applications

To give manufacturers of for instance hospital beds a greater peace of mind, LINAK engineers run even harsher tests and run far more test cycles to ensure the products have extended durability and meet this standard.

The new IPX6 Washable DURA™ standard is intended to help hospitals improve hygiene by allowing adjustable equipment (e.g. hospital beds) to be machine washed significantly more than the current norm prescribes. This will allow you to offer applications with a long life and solutions that stay fully operational while enduring hot water machine washing with strong detergents.


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Updated: Monday, 8 January 2018 3:23 AM