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LINAK A/S - Environmental policy

LINAK is focusing on the environment – also for our customers:

  • We offer products with low energy consumption and eco-friendly materials
  • It is our aim not to stress the environment unnecessarily and to minimise our energy consumption
  • We always use the best available technology in production

We visualise the energy consumption development and invest in sustainable solutions and technologies.

We continuously influence our employees to care about environmental problems in order to achieve eco-friendly behaviour.

LINAK A/S makes continuous improvements
LINAK A/S plans, implements, and follows up on continuous improvements of the efficiency of the environment, working environment, and the quality-management systems.

LINAK A/S complies with laws and requirements
LINAK A/S complies with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements and other contractual agreements.

LINAK A/S revises its management foundation annually
LINAK A/S revises its policies, objectives, and goals for quality, environment, and working environment annually.

LINAK A/S policies are known by all our employees.
The LINAK quality, environment, and working-environment policies are known by, and available to, all employees and published on our website.