News 16 September 2015

Innovative office desk assembly with Kick & Click

LINAK introduces a smart and intuitive solution for mounting Desklift columns to the tabletop of office desks. No tools, no screws - the uniqueness of Kick & Click™ lies in the innovative way of mounting.

Traditionally it takes 12 screws to mount the two columns of a typical office desk to the top frame of the desk. But this will change with the launch of Kick & Click. The LINAK Kick & Click system simply clicks the parts together without using any tools or screws at all for the assembly!

It is fast, easy and intuitive. Kick & Click is clever thinking.

Watch this brand new video about Kick & Click.

Freedom to design
Kick & Click is a true modular system. It is compatible with all eight LINAK columns with motor housing, leaving the design of the final office desk up to the manufacturer. Kick & Click is available in three versions so it fits different desk sizes and designs.

Furthermore, it gives you the possibility to place the columns centrally or off-centre. This means that you can design both T and C-Desks with Kick & Click.            

Cables hidden away
Last but not least, the Kick & Click looks good, as cables are hidden away. All cables are easily hidden away in the rail of the Kick & Click. Here you can hide all cables without any usage of tools or cable clips. Also, this is easy, fast and intuitive.

Want to know more? Please visit the LINAK Kick & Click page.

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