Power and speed in electric actuator systems for healthcare equipment
News 26 October 2018

The necessary power to lift heavy loads at high speed

A powerful actuator system is required in many healthcare applications ultimately ensuring optimal patient treatment. LINAK gives you both power and speed when creating effective movement.

Two trends influence modern patient care and hospital application development: the ageing world population and an escalating growth in obesity. To meet the demand for higher lifting capacity and be able to achieve the efficiency required to handle future patients, you will need two things for your application: power and speed! 

A powerful actuator system is a way to achieve the efficiency required in many healthcare applications - ultimately ensuring optimal patient treatment. Using LINAK® actuator systems will grant you the necessary power to lift heavy loads at high speed.

Build your own powerful application
A number of LINAK® products are designed to accommodate the growing need for power and speed. A glance through the vast LINAK product programme will show you a wealth of reliable and thoroughly tested products – all easy to combine and integrate.

However, if you truly need power and agility to create powerful and fast movement patterns in advanced medical equipment, a combination of these products is recommendable:

  • the control box CO71 (350 W SMPS)
  • the port junction box PJ2 (adding two extra channels)
  • the lifting column LC3 (6,000 N, high speed, high bending moments)
  • the linear actuator LA40 HP (8,000 N full stroke)
  • the linear actuator LA31 (both push and pull)
  • and the elegant inline actuator LA20 (2,500 N, when design and space matter)

Having a hand control HB80 will help you utilise the movement potential of the system patterns as well as the position memory function in the control box. Adding an extra CO71 and connecting the two control boxes with a LINAK® CO-Link™ will double the power and give you twice the number of channels, making your options almost limitless.

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LINAK systems provide you with extra lifting capacity without losing out on speed or compromising safety. If you want to know more about Power & Speed in our products, please, view this page or  call your local LINAK office.


Linear actuator LA40 Linear actuator LA20 Control box CO71 Control box PJ2 Lifting column LC3

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