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LINAK Desk Frame 1 - everything you need to build a sit-stand frame

Desk Frame 1 is the LINAK concept making it easier to go electric and create modern sit-stand desks with the familiar high LINAK quality. Three pre-packed boxes give you a wealth of design combinations while enjoying full design flexibility.

Desk Frame 1 (DF1) captures the many benefits of one-stop-shopping and is developed to ease your work. Combine a LINAK Kick & Click™ top frame, a DESKLIFT™ SetPack (containing two lifting columns, a control box, a desk panel and cables) and a DESKLIFT™ Feet set. This is Desk Frame 1 – an all-in-one LINAK concept. DF1 is a complete package of everything you need to make your own electric adjustable sit-stand desk. In fact, you just need to add a tabletop.

LINAK Desk Frame 1
FRAME. Kick & Click™ 
The Kick & Click™ top frame solution by LINAK is arguably the most intuitive and fastest way to assemble office desks with lifting columns on the market. No toolboxes, screws, or bolts needed – just 'kick and click' the top frame together. Available in three versions. 
LINAK Desk Frame 1

LEGS. DL SetPack
The DESKLIFT ™ SetPack (DL SetPack) gives you a ready packed set with all electric elements. It contains a set of two lifting columns, a desk panel, a control box, and the necessary cables. This means that you get everything you need for your electric system, plus uncompromising design freedom as each part comes in different variants. Choose round, square, or rectangular column profiles, in three standard colours and match them with your favourite desk panel – there is a wealth of options.

LINAK Desk Frame 1

Feet. DL Feet
DESKLIFT™ Feet (DL Feet) is the overall term for a variety of feet for adjustable desks. They come in two standard lengths and various widths, applicable for a number of LINAK lifting columns across profile designs. Furthermore, you can choose between two different mounting solutions – top mounted and recessed mounted.


LINAK is a one-stop-shop
In many aspects, the LINAK Desk Frame 1 concept completes one of the richest product catalogues within electric systems for adjustable office furniture on the market. The LINAK product range already encompasses the most advanced workstations with PIEZO™ Anti-Collision™ software, as well as energy-saving and eco-friendly office desks using ZERO™ technology and LINAK PVC-Free™ cables.

DF1 adds an extra dimension to the range of LINAK lifting columns, desk panels, technologies, mobile device apps and other software add-ons, allowing manufacturers to tailor solutions to meet their own market demands.

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