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PLUS+1 – fast integration of electric actuators into heavy-duty machinery

Adding a specially tailored compliance block from LINAK to the Danfoss PLUS+1 platform, allows engineers working with all sorts of heavy-duty machinery to include electric actuators when designing applications. The block is not only a smart feature – it saves manufacturers a lot of time during the design phase.

Many engineers, designing heavy-duty machinery for construction, mobile agriculture, and outdoor power equipment, use the Danfoss PLUS+1® platform during the design phase. Through a series of compliance blocks, the platform allows engineers without an expertise in software development to select, drag and drop components when they design new machinery.

A special PLUS+1 block designed in collaboration with LINAK® adds an extra dimension to the PLUS+1 universe. It allows engineers to integrate electric actuators into their machinery design – and that is as easy as adding any Danfoss component.

“Our electric IC actuators becomes more and more common in all sorts of off-highway vehicles,” says Thomas Moeller, Application Engineer at LINAK A/S, and continues: “This is why it makes perfect sense to add this block option to the PLUS+1 family, and thereby allow engineers using that system to add electric actuators where they are applicable”.


Almost as easy as plug and play

The interface holding the components together is called PLUS+1® GUIDE. It is a development tool owned by Danfoss Power Solutions, and it allows the user to combine graphic symbols and components and create the complete software vehicle control systems. This kind of modular programming offers the development engineer far more options and makes it possible to create better solutions much faster than usual.

“Our PLUS+1 compliance blocks enable our customers, using PLUS+1 GUIDE, to integrate and incorporate electrical components much faster into their system designs,” says Kevin Faulds, Director of Software Product, Marketing, and Sales at Danfoss Power Solutions. “These blocks enable the most optimal configuration, control, and efficiency of an electro-mechanical device, and the LINAK compliance block allows developers to leverage the full potential of these electric actuators”.


A quick way to add electric actuators

For Thomas Moeller at LINAK, being part of the Danfoss PLUS+1 platform broadens the horizon for electric adjustment in future machinery even more.

“Naturally, being an integrated part of a full and highly modular control system manufactured by leading specialists at Danfoss is a great stamp of approval to our actuator products,” he explains. “It also exposes the benefits of electric movement solutions to even more engineers and underlines why LINAK actuators are ideal for heavy-duty machinery and intelligent vehicles”.

Already fully integrable with CAN bus systems (CAN SAE J1939 or CANopen), LINAK actuators are easy to include, when modern vehicles require a durable movement/adjustment solution. Combined with decades of experience in making solutions for systems operating in harsh environments, LINAK brings the most tried and tested technology to the Danfoss PLUS+1 platform.

If you wish to know more about PLUS+1 and PLUS+1 GUIDE, please visit the Danfoss PLUS+1 website.

If you need information about the PLUS+1 Compliant electric actuators, please explore the related products below, or contact LINAK directly.

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Have 3D actuator images for CAD

With our online configurator, you can create free 3D images of your customised actuators and shorten the time spent during the design phase, implementing an electric movement solution into your machinery.

Simply enter your requirements regarding stroke length, load, and other parameters, and implement the model directly into your 3D programme. Of course, you can also download the data sheet of your customised actuator.

Select the actuator you wish to explore from our product range or the PLUS+1 Compliant actuators below and choose 2D/3D to explore the configurator.


Online 3D-configurator

Customise and download 3D-images of the actuator LA36

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With IC and BUS communication you can plug & play your way to monitoring your actuators

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LINAK TECHLINE R&D and Production – Behind the scenes


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