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The history of LINAK®

In 1976, a newly graduated Bent Jensen took over Christian Jensen & Sons, a family business founded by his grandfather. The prime focus of the business was within agricultural manufacturing, but Jensen saw no future in this line of business. However, he and his wife, Lene Jensen, gave themselves five years to come up with a new and better business idea.

The idea came to Bent Jensen one day while talking to a friend from his student days. His friend had a disability, and the pair came up with an idea for a way to adjust his wheelchair – and that’s how the electric linear actuator was born!

In 1984, the company name changed to LINAK – short for ‘Lineær Aktuator’, and we are still uncovering new potential for electric linear actuators today. Today LINAK counts on 2,400 dedicated employees worldwide, production facilities established in Denmark, China, the USA, Slovakia, and Thailand, and subsidiaries in 30+ countries.

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