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IC Integrated Controller
Cut downtime and boost productivity Benefit from one single supplier Save time with reduced complexity Tailor movement to fit any application

MOVE SMARTER with IC™ actuators

Our integrated controller cuts actuator installation time and boosts productivity on any application.

Cut downtime and boost productivity

  • Data available for easy troubleshooting and scheduling maintenance
  • Data-driven decisions for continuous improvements
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Benefit from one single supplier

  • One single point of contact, delivering all components
  • Tried and tested LINAK solution with full support
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Save time with reduced complexity

  • Faster development and time to market
  • Fewer components reduce mounting errors and malfunctions
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Tailor movement to fit any application

  • A choice of interfaces for seamless integration with your application
  • Multiple features for a movement that fits your needs
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A LINAK® IC actuator with built-in controller reduces the number of external components and the need for a third-party supplier for power electronics. It also offers a comprehensive range of interfaces and gives you access to productivity enhancing data - all delivered by a single supplier you can trust. By helping you move smarter at every stage of your application process, from development, installation and integration to tailored movement and improved productivity, our IC actuators add value across the board. Choosing an IC actuator from LINAK for your next project is a smart move in so many ways:


Move smarter with reduced complexity

– for faster development and production

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With our IC actuators you can make some seriously smart moves that speed up your R&D process and cut your time to market. Because an IC actuator removes the need for external power electronics, you have fewer components to install. This lowers the risk of mounting errors and malfunctions and accelerates installation. It also makes the electric actuator quicker to service or replace. This reduction in complexity is made possible by a built-in H-bridge that controls the actuator’s movement in both directions.


Move smarter with flexible integration

– that matches every application

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Of course, an IC actuator is nothing without an interface. To make it simpler for you, we have a variety of industrial interfaces readily available to ease your design and integration process - even into complex systems. The built-in interfaces make it quicker to reach the point where you tailor your actuator’s movement to meet your application needs - and it is easier to realise its full potential by specifying more than simple linear movement. Whether your application needs are basic or complex, opting for our IC actuator is simply the smartest move.


Move smarter with data monitoring

– minimise downtime and increase productivity

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Get built-in computing power to monitor the health or status of your electric actuator from the integrated controller’s sensors. This allows you to troubleshoot faster and schedule maintenance to reduce downtime. Through sensor values, the actuator can protect itself from high temperatures, increased current consumption etc., which could indicate that action is needed. The actuator stores historic usage data, and based on these patterns you can make continuous improvements, making your application move smarter and optimising productivity.


Move smarter with a single supplier

– a one-stop shop you can trust

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With one supplier delivering the entire linear movement solution, you can optimise your product journey from development to future maintenance with tried and tested technology based on decades of experience. In one smart move, you take control of every single process from specification to end-user satisfaction.


Smarter electric actuators have more communication options

Our IC actuators offer a variety of industrial and mobile interfaces, allowing you to easily integrate intelligent and reliable movement with existing control systems.

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