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  • Thorkild Nielsen

    Thorkild Nielsen

    Head of LINAK International
  • Troels S. Jacobsen, Senior Sales Manager, LINAK A/S

    Troels S. Jacobsen

    Senior Sales Manager
  • Veli Özen, Senior Sales Manager, LINAK A/S

    Veli Özen

    Senior Sales Manager
  • Maria Eskjær

    Maria Lametsch Eskjær

    Sales engineer
  • Jane Agerley Thomsen - LINAK International

    Jane Agerley Thomsen

    Customer service
  • Gitte Bonefeld

    Gitte Bonefeld

    Customer service
  • Erika Alejandra G Perez

    Erika Alejandra G. Perez

    Marketing Assistant

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