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The LINAK® TWINDRIVE® systems provide a comprehensive solution for adjustable beds. With these dual actuator systems, you'll enjoy maximum free space beneath your electric bed, as well as a range of integrated features. Just connect the system to power and pair it with your preferred control - whether it's a wireless hand control or an app.

The beauty of these systems lies in their all-in-one design. Everything is integrated within the dual actuator, eliminating the need for many components in a system. Even better, advanced versions of the dual actuators offer additional features, such as memory function and the ability to add accessories. You can even opt for the parallel drive of two beds, making these systems the ultimate solution for comfortable and convenient adjustable bed setup.


Business areas for dual actuators

TWINDRIVE® electric dual actuators, also known as double motors, are most used in adjustable comfort beds for residential use. These electric actuators provide the option of two distinct adjustments for the bed, while only requiring the installation of one actuator onto the bed frame.


Dual actuators for adjustable beds

The LINAK dual actuators, or TWINDRIVE®, are the all-in-one solution for incorporating movement into an adjustable bed. We have optimised our dual actuators to ensure compatibility with most dual actuator bed frames, using standardised spacing between crossbars and universal twist bracket dimensions/designs found in the market.

To mount a TWINDRIVE® dual actuator, it needs to be installed on crossbars located on the bed frame. To ensure that the rotational movement produced by the dual actuator creates the appropriate movement of the bed, twist brackets are attached to these crossbars. The actuator then pushes the twist bracket to rotate the crossbar, thereby moving some part of the adjustable bed.

Crossbars on a bed frame for mounting a LINAK dual actuator TWINDRIVE


Accessories and advanced technology for dual actuators

At LINAK modern adjustable comfort beds come with Bluetooth® technology – enabling wireless control of the movements. Hand controls or an app will pair to the product via Bluetooth® and provide wireless control. Consumers can download the LINAK Bed Control App or one of our customers’ customised apps to control their furniture using a mobile device as a hand control.

The advanced versions of TWINDRIVE® dual actuator also allows for the connection of an accessory to the system. This can either be a massage motor or the LED light rail for even more under bed light.

Frequently asked questions

What is a TWINDRIVE dual actuator?

The LINAK® dual actuators, or TWINDRIVE®, is an all-in-one solution where one unit offer two separate adjustments of a bed. The dual actuators are used to incorporate movement into an adjustable bed. We have optimised our dual actuators to ensure compatibility with most dual actuator bed frames, using standardised spacing between crossbars and universal twist bracket dimensions/designs found in the market.

How does a dual actuator work in an adjustable bed?

A dual linear actuator is mounted on crossbars with twist brackets on. This means that the rotational movement created by a dual actuator pushes the twist bracket in a way that rotates the cross bar which then in turn moves some part of an adjustable bed.

Crossbars on a bed frame for mounting a LINAK dual actuator TWINDRIVE

What are the different types of dual actuators for adjustable beds?

At LINAK we work with two types of dual actuators: Standard and Advanced.

The Standard versions offer back and leg adjustment with only one unit as well as the following integrated features: mechanical emergency lowering, low stand by power consumption and integrated under bed light.

The Advanced versions of the LINAK dual actuator offer the same features as the Standard version – and then something extra. In addition, they offer the option of parallel drive of two beds, the possibility of saving favourite positions and adding extra accessories such as massage motors or extra under bed light.

You can tell the Standard and Advanced versions apart by looking at the plugs. If there is an available plug after having connected the power cord – you have an advanced version.

LINAK TWINDIRVE dual actuator plugs indicating Standard and Advanced versions.

How do I control a dual actuator?

Dual actuators from LINAK only use wireless control options. The integrated Bluetooth communication allows you to pair the electric actuator system with either one of our wireless hand controls, the LINAK Bed Control App or your own customised app.

How do I design a bed to fit a dual actuator?

Beds can be designed in many ways, but for adjustable beds the choice is typically between single actuator systems, dual actuator systems or a combination of both. However, the bed frames for each of these systems are very different.

For electric dual actuator systems the bed frame simply needs to have the standard spacing between the crossbars responsible for adjusting the back or leg part of a bed. This crossbar must also have twist brackets mounted so the dual actuators have something to push to make movement.

In this video you can see how mounting happens.

Which version of the LINAK dual actuators is the best?

The questions about which dual actuator is the best, relies 100% on the bed you want to integrate movement into. Therefore, it is not possible to say which LINAK dual actuator is best for your bed design.

Firstly, you will need to know how much force your bed design require. For heavy constructions and mattresses, we recommend TD5, whereas for slatted beds with lighter mattresses, we recommend TD4.

Secondly, you will need to know which features you want your bed to have. For all the standard features the standard version of the dual actuator is fine. However, should you require and extra actuator, parallel drive of two beds, and also want to offer the possibility of saving favourite positions, you will need an advanced dual actuator.

To find out exactly which system fits your requirements our sales people are always ready to help you find the right solution.

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