Dual actuators

TD5 Standard

Low-weight all-in-one TWINDRIVE®­­ electric actuator ideal for box spring beds with a force of up to 7,000 N in both back and leg end of the bed. The TD5 Standard is for bed systems requiring back and leg adjustment and, as well as a range of contemporary features.

TD5 Standard

The TWINDRIVE® TD5 is a dual actuator specially developed for box spring beds, where a high force is required. With a force of 7,000 N on both back and leg ends, the TD5 is the strongest dual actuator in the LINAK HOMELINE® portfolio. The TD5 Standard is for bed systems requiring back and leg adjustment, as well as a range of contemporary features. The TD5 features the well-known LINAK® ZERO™ technology, allowing a standby power of max. 0.1 W. This means the TD5 sleeps when the user sleeps.

The TD5 features Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology, which makes it capable of being controlled via the wireless LINAK hand controls, so the user avoids having an annoying cable. Furthermore, it makes it possible to control the bed via the Bed Control App, which offers even more valuable features to the end user.

The TD5 is lightweight and a slim design. Because it is also easy to mount, thanks to the pictograms on the side and smart closing devices, the TD5 is optimal for shipping - even directly to the end user. 

The TD5 has an integrated Under Bed Light, which distributes the light evenly on the floor, allowing the user to find their way in the dark. The TD5 features mechanical emergency lowering via a hex key directly attached on the side of the TD5 – always in place when needed, e.g. in case of a power cut.

Product comparison charts

Dual actuator TD5 comparison chart
Get the quick overview of the difference between the Standard and Advanced versions of the TD5.

TD5 comparison chart

TD5 Standard data sheet

View the data sheet as an online magazine or download the PDF.

TWINDRIVE® TD5 Standard user manual

This user manual will tell you how to install, use, and maintain your LINAK® TWINDRIVE® products.

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