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LINAK actuator systems enable manufacturers to offer a wide range of smooth adjustment solutions for motorised comfort beds.

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Comfort beds

Electric actuator systems for all types of comfort bed

Increased awareness of how health is affected by better sleep quality has prompted a broadened focus on improved comfort in beds over the past decades. Consumers are willing to invest in high-quality home furniture – including beds, where time is often spent reading books or watching TV as well as sleeping.

With LINAK solutions, you get:

  • Broad variety of products for any type of bed
  • Reliable, strong and low-noise systems
  • Energy-efficient  and eco-friendly actuators 

Comfort beds provide optimal support for a sore back. They can also provide light massage to loosen up the muscles and achieve better sleep quality or simply optimise comfort. Subdued Under Bed Light  illuminating your way to the bathroom at night is one of several optional value-adding features. LINAK actuator systems offer all this to you – including wireless control from either a remote control or an app for tablet or smartphone.

Benefit from an experienced partner with many solutions
Whether you prefer dual actuator solutions or systems based on linear actuators and a control box, we have the right solution for you. More than 30 years of continuous development gives LINAK the broadest portfolio of tried and tested and approved products. Today solutions are easy to integrate in any bed design and are intuitive for the bed owner to use.

Offer only tried and tested actuator solutions
Choosing LINAK actuators for your comfort bed shows that durability is your priority. A series of thorough tests ensures customers get a reliable solution with a long service life. At the same time, they get a product designed to operate with a minimum of noise. The tests also ensure the actuators’ high lifting capacity performs flawlessly and is unaffected by heavier loads.

Get powerful support while saving energy
The demand for low-energy solutions with no standby consumption is increasing, and this paves the way for LINAK® ZERO™ technology. Furthermore, most parts in a LINAK system are PVC-free, making it the most environmentally friendly system in the industry.

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Comfort beds system


HOMELINE product overview

Explore the variety of TWINDRIVE systems with low noise level and small built-in dimensions used in both box spring beds and slatted beds.

Digital control options for adjustable beds - Adjust your bed with a mobile device

Use an app as a new and different kind of wireless hand control option. Read the brochure to learn what the LINAK Bed Control™ App offers. Also learn how you can customise the Bed Control™ App or use the LINAK Software Development Kit to tailor an app that reflects your brand.

Expanding your comfort zone

When it comes to leisure beds, LINAK understands the need for safe and reliable actuator systems that work day after day. The TWINDRIVE system is the right system for bed manufacturers.

Why get an adjustable bed?

Learn the six everyday reasons to get an electrical adjustable comfort bed, no matter what your age. The extra convenience and flexibility of an electrical adjustable comfort bed makes many experiences much more comfortable.

Comfort furniture applications

LINAK actuator solutions create comfortable movement in various leisure applications such as comfort beds, recliners, and sofas.

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Videos related to comfort beds

Learn more about the electric actuator technology used in comfort beds. Watch our videos and be inspired.

LINAK TWINDRIVE® TD4 – your next generation of dual actuator systems play-icon

LINAK TWINDRIVE TD4 - your next generation of dual actuator systems

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LINAK world-class production

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