Wheel loader solutions

LINAK actuators provide advanced motion control for hood lifts, steps and footboards as well as position feedback for seats and steering wheels.

Wheel loader

Reliable actuator solutions for wheel loaders

Not many vehicles work in more harsh environments than construction machines do. And none more so than wheel loaders, spending most of their lives in wet, dirty or dusty surroundings loading, lifting, and moving materials on the construction site. Durable electric actuators help improve ergonomics as well as cost efficiency, and using LINAK solutions you will get the competitive edge offering:

  • Solutions tested and built upon decades of experience
  • Cost-efficient and maintenance-free actuators easy to install
  • Intelligent feedback to improve safety and ergonomics

Safety and comfort are the prime concerns when it comes to working in construction. Long hours in the seat of a wheel loader working in rugged environments requires durable equipment you can rely on and give the driver the comfort he needs. LINAK actuator solutions help open hoods, lower ladders and adjust steering wheels and seats. Even rougher jobs, such as the lowering of undercarriage protection plates, can be done using electric actuators.

Use tested solutions refined over many years
Water, mud, dust and dirt – part of everyday life for a wheel loader. All LINAK products are tested thoroughly prior to release to make sure they can cope with these conditions. Compliance with electromagnetic compatibility and other standards is a matter of course, and general awareness of and focus on durability and reliability has been with LINAK for decades.

Install with ease and be cost-efficient
Electric actuator solutions are easy to install due to the absence of hoses, pumps and compressors. The more compact solution does not require any maintenance and does not depend on the main vehicle engine to be active. Coupled with extremely low standby consumption, LINAK electric actuator solutions are the cost-efficient choice.

Improve safety and comfort with intelligent feedback
If you can eliminate health and safety risks, you not only minimise the number of sick days taken by the staff, you also save money and have happier employees. With intelligent actuators, the driver can monitor and optimise positions of for instance seat and steering wheel to achieve perfect ergonomics, or follow hood lift position data to know when it is safe to enter the engine room. Combined, this makes the modern wheel loader both safer and far more comfortable to drive.

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Focus on construction

When it comes to performance in rugged and harsh environments, LINAK actuators withstand the conditions, even on heavy duty construction machinery.

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Construction solutions

LINAK electric actuators allow you to offer safe hood lifts, and ergonomic adjustment of steps, seats and steering wheels in construction machinery.

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