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Ventilation systems for farming

Electric actuator systems help keep livestock healthy inside stables and farming facilities, securing fresh air intelligently balanced with outside weather conditions.

Stable ventilation

Keep livestock healthy with reliable ventilation

There is an increased focus on the welfare of livestock as well as on flawless hygiene in food production in general. The demand for better interior climate in livestock stalls has to meet expected efficiency rates. With intelligent actuation based ventilation, there is much to gain:

  • Adjust fresh air flow and temperature to optimise comfort and climate for livestock
  • Monitor and collect viable data to optimise ventilation
  • Get a flexible solution easy to integrate with hardly any maintenance

Keeping livestock healthy and comfortable in the stable is the key factor to maintain farming as a viable business. The flow of fresh air, temperatures and CO₂ levels, etc. needs to be monitored and balanced according to outside weather conditions. Electric actuator solutions move inlet valves, ventilation dampers, and cover lifts in any part of the stable, sending back applicable feedback to the system.

Monitor and control air quality
Modern ventilation systems for stables need to be far more than just opening and closing windows. Unhealthy fumes or dust have to be ventilated and temperature and CO₂ levels need to be right. With LINAK actuator solutions, you can monitor, control, and specify the intake of fresh air at any given time.

Get feedback from actuators
Climate conditions in stables are constantly affected by the outside weather. Ongoing feedback from intelligent actuator solutions, combined with data from climate sensor systems makes it possible to monitor and automate stable ventilation to perfection.

Integrate and customise an easy solution
No two livestock stables are alike. Therefore, LINAK actuator solutions are designed to integrate smoothly with most systems and requirements. They are able to work in even very harsh environments – dusty, moist or even wet – maintenance is redundant.

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Linear actuator LA25
Electric actuator solutions -- Stepless adjustment of stable ventilation systems play-icon

Electric actuator solutions -- Stepless adjustment of stable ventilation systems

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Focus on ventilation and farming solutions

An electric actuator from LINAK is an obvious choice for harsh environments with moisture, dust and temperature changes; we know how essential a well-operating ventilation system is to the farmer.

TECHLINE product overview

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LINAK test brochure

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Actuator solutions in farming

Electric actuators help ensure climate control, optimise feeding automation and provide intelligent ventilation in stables all over the world.

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Videos related to stable ventilation

Learn more about the electric actuator technology used in stable ventilation. Watch our videos and be inspired.

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With IC and BUS communication you can plug & play your way to monitoring your actuators play-icon

With IC and BUS communication you can plug & play your way to monitoring your actuators

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