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Healthcare beds

Nursing home beds

The ageing population and fewer hands to take care of the patients drive the need of nursing home beds. Using LINAK actuator solutions allows for optimal movement, supporting patient well-being and safety, as well as connectivity to the nursing home information facility and digital services – all increasing the caregiver efficiency.

A nursing home bed with LINAK products

System solutions for nursing home beds

Nursing home beds are used for long-term care facilities providing medical and personal care for people who are unable to live independently. These are often long-term permanent stays. The beds are also used in skilled nursing facilities with focus on rehabilitation and short-term stays.

No matter where the nursing home bed is used, it must support patient well-being and safety and increase ergonomics for the caregiver or treatment specialist.

LINAK® improves patient comfort and caregiver ergonomics with multi-adjustable electrical movement options of backrest, leg rest, height and/or knee rest. A low floor position is only one of the features that provide safety for the bedridden by reducing the risk of injury in case of a fall out of bed. ‘Safe entry/exit’ is another position that eases patient entry and exit with high safety.

Using LINAK electric actuator solutions provide so much more than smooth, quiet movement. Imagine the value added by:

  • Intelligent Care Solutions™ optimising patient well-being and safety
  • Improved caregiver efficiency with LINAK LCi™ and digital services
  • OneConnect™ supporting high uptime with remote service

Intelligent Care Solutions – providing more than movement
The LINAK intelligent OpenBus™ system is based on a modular platform and enables a wide range of accessories for increased functionality and comfortable solutions, such as the Under Bed Light, which is activated when the patient leaves the bed to ease orientation in the darkness and help prevent fall accidents.

Digital services improve caregiver efficiency
LINAK Communication Interface LCi enables connectivity to external systems and makes out of bed notifications or cleaning notifications available on a smart phone, PC or central nurse panel. This connectivity from the bed to third party products enables the nursing home bed to be an integrated part of the nursing home information facility and improves caregiver efficiency.

Trusted control and movement are vital
LINAK is known for reliable products with a long and trouble-free operation. It is critical to have nursing home beds with functional movement, which is why we make it easy to optimise your technical support process. LINAK OneConnect™ provides remote access to service data for fast and efficient troubleshooting from anywhere in the world to ensure high uptime of the bed.

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