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Mobile agriculture

Seed drill solutions

LINAK actuators provide intelligent movement of tank covers, markers and dosing units in modern seed drills.

Seed drills

Optimise seed drills using intelligent actuators

In modern farming, there is an increasing focus on optimising yield and reducing waste and energy consumption. Soil quality indicators help farmers optimise fertilisation as well as seeding. Combined with GPS-tracking, farmers can optimise the amount of seed spread in various areas of the field. Using a seed drill with intelligent LINAK actuators, farmers can enjoy several noteworthy benefits:

  • Intelligent actuators easy to integrate
  • Easy instalment and hardly any maintenance requirements
  • Durable, tried and tested solutions

Precision farming is all about achieving a high degree of cost-efficiency. As farmers map crop fields with more detailed information about soil quality and mineral levels, agricultural machinery needs to be able to process this information and automatically vary the spread of seeds in different parts of the field. LINAK actuators help provide precise movement of markers and dosing units on modern seed drills.

Intelligent actuators are easy to integrate
Accurate position feedback from electric actuators help farmers automate seeding and reduce the risk of wasting seeds. LINAK actuators integrate easily with several databus control systems, and their feedback allows the system to adjust markers and dosing units precisely as soil quality changes.

Install a green and maintenance-free solution
Electric actuators have no hoses, pumps or compressors. This makes installation both faster and much easier. Having only power supply cords and a data cable connected to an Engine Control Unit (ECU), there is no need for maintenance. Furthermore, with compressors and pumps out of the setup, overall power consumption is cut to a minimum.

Get a durable solution that lasts
LINAK actuators are built upon 35+ years of accumulated knowledge. All products are thoroughly tested to make sure they can cope with harsh conditions in the field. Water, dust, bumps, shock and long-term vibration are elements in the LINAK test programme, and with necessary certifications and standards met, customers are sure to have actuators with a long service life.

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Linear actuator LA14
Linear Actuator Solutions for Seed Drills play-icon

Linear actuator solutions for seed drills

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With IC and BUS communication you can plug & play your way to monitoring your actuators

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