Disability vehicles

LINAK electric actuators provide smooth and low-noise movement of tailgates, wheelchair ramps, and lifts for disability vehicles.

Vehicles for the disabled

Actuator solutions for disability vehicles

The number of elderly residents requiring specially adapted vehicles is growing. This has led to an increased focus on the development of disability applications for cars. Lifts, doors, tailgates and ramps need to be extremely easy to use, flexible, durable and, above all, safe to use. This is where LINAK actuators offer OEMs several noteworthy advantages.

  • Low-energy actuators are easy to integrate and safe to use
  • Maintenance-free solutions are easy to install
  • Durable products are tested to cope with tough conditions

Many things are made more difficult when you have a disability. In a car, simple applications need to be remote controlled from the driver’s seat, and just getting in and out can be a cumbersome process. LINAK makes actuator solutions that allow you to offer sliding doors, seat adjustment, steering wheel adjustment, curb panel adjustment, as well as remotely controlled tailgates, wheelchair ramps and adapted lifts.

Improve safety with reliable actuators
LINAK actuators are intelligent and integrate easily with most control systems. With continuous feedback, drivers can monitor and adjust movement out of sight. Their compact design and the 12 or 24 V DC power setup makes it even easier to integrate electric actuators.

Install a maintenance-free solution
Unlike hydraulic and pneumatic systems, electric actuators have no hoses, pumps or compressors. This eliminates the risk of oil leaks and the need for periodical maintenance. LINAK solutions require only a power cord and a data cable connecting actuators to a control box, making the overall system far easier to install.

Rely on tried and tested products
At LINAK, all products are thoroughly tested to ensure durability and a long service life. High IP (International Protection) means improved resistance to the harsh environments actuators occasionally need to cope with.
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Focus on vehicles and mobility

LINAK can provide a wide range of low voltage actuators for all kinds of movement in car fittings for disabled persons. Learn more about why LINAK is the perfect partner for this exact application in this brochure.

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Solutions for vehicles

LINAK actuators allow owners to safely open tailgates, lower ramps and steps, and adjust mirrors on their vehicle.

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Videos related to vehicles for the disabled

Learn more about the electric actuator technology used in vehicles for disabled drivers and passengers. Watch our videos and be inspired.

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Move for the future - actuators with Integrated Controller


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