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News 6 June 2018

Create benching solutions with your IC lifting columns

As benching systems continue to be one of the fastest growing applications in today’s office, LINAK continues to offer new solutions to make these applications even more flexible for design and production. The new LINAK® bench bracket comes as a standard optional feature available for two rectangular and a square DL IC lifting column model.

Create benching solutions with your IC lifting columns

IC is the range of basic integrated control options for LINAK® lifting columns used in economy office desks. Like all other LINAK solutions, they are easy to install and come with intuitive control and a minimal need for maintenance. Now you can order the rectangular DL5IC and DL6IC , as well as the square DL19IC lifting columns, which come with a pre-mounted bench bracket as a new standard feature.

Standard bracket for a flexible bench design
The standard bracket ensures easy integration with various bench solutions, meaning that you can mount your own connecting bench bar directly onto the standard bracket. With the sets of pre-drilled mounting holes, you get the full flexibility to create your very own bench design and you can easily combine it with the well-known LINAK lifting columns.

Simple set-up for economy desks
A DL IC system is a set consisting of two lifting columns: A primary column with a built-in controller (master column) and a secondary column (slave column). Simply connect the two lifting columns to each other, choose a Desk Panel and connect an SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) unit and you are up and running. 

Explore the LINAK product programme
With more than 30 years of experience in electric linear actuator technology, LINAK has set the standard for electric sit-stand desks and has the widest product range in the office furniture market.
Visit the LINAK® DESKLINE® product range to explore the complete range of high-quality solutions for office desks. 

Create benching solutions with your IC lifting columns
Behind benching systems
It is an ongoing struggle for businesses to optimally utilise their limited office space. With unique benching systems, you can add an element of flexibility to your desks and help your customer organise their office. For more background information on benching systems and the bench brackets that support them, visit our Tech & Trends section.

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