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News 13 September 2018

LINAK wins DIRA Automation Award 2018

”LINAK has developed a culture where employees, in many levels, strive to introduce more automation for the benefit of the company’s productivity and job retention”. This was part of the jury’s reasoning when LINAK won the DIRA Automation Award 2018.

DIRA stands for 'Danish Industrial Robot Association'. It is a network with an independent board for Danish companies and knowledge institutions that are interested in robotics and automation. In keeping with tradition, the DIRA Automation Award was presented during the opening of the Danish exhibition ‘Automatik 2018’, and LINAK® won this year.

The award is given to a company or a person who has been particularly noted within the utilisation of robotics and this year, Brian Mikkelsen, CEO for the Danish Chamber of Commerce and former MP, had the honour of presenting the award to LINAK.
LINAK has worked strategically to think automation throughout the entire production.

The jury was impressed by the level of all three nominees this year and is pleased that Danish companies are not only good at using robots, but also good at combining and developing new technologies for and with robots.

The last five years at LINAK have featured no less than seven major automation projects alone in the DESKLINE production. The seven projects, which cost 122 million DKK resulted in 38 assembly robots and thus an increased capacity. This investment was the reason why LINAK won.

”LINAK has developed a culture where employees in many levels strive to introduce more automation for the benefit of the company’s productivity and job retention. Top management automates strategic production of high-volume series from the outset, while company technicians test new collaborative robot solutions on small series. The jury would like to see more of this in Denmark. LINAK thus inspires other manufacturing companies to use robots and sub-suppliers to develop technologies that, for example, LINAK and other end-users in other industries can apply”, reasoned the jury.

The other two nominated companies were Inrotech ApS for the development of mobile and adaptive welding robots and Inwatec ApS for the development of a modular automation concept for the laundry industry.

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