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News 13 November 2018

New LA40 HP gives dental chairs a power boost

Growing demand for more efficiency and improved ergonomics in dental clinics is met with new and more powerful actuator technology from LINAK®. Power & speed without compromising low noise levels and smooth performance is achieved with the new linear actuator LA40 High Performance.

New LA40 HP gives dental chairs a power boost

Creating optimal comfort for the patient as well as good working conditions for the dentist is equally important. The dentist wants to be more effective and create optimal comfort for the patient, and this can be achieved by powerful and smooth actuator technology.

Recently, LINAK launched a new version of the popular linear actuator LA40. The LA40 HP (High Performance) delivers the characteristic smooth LINAK movement, is flanked by all the familiar safety features and complies with all necessary international standards and norms. It is also remarkably low-noise (<50dB) despite the fact that it delivers a thorough full stroke push of up to 8,000 N.

In so many ways, the LA40 HP is ideal for modern electric dental chairs.

Improve ergonomics to improve efficiency
Patient comfort and clinic performance are top priorities for dentists across the world. The dental chair plays a key part in this. It needs to be flexible and to offer perfect support for the patient – from legs to the back/neck. The chair also needs to move quickly and smoothly to optimise working positions for the dentist. 

To achieve sublime comfort, flawless performance, and high speed – all at pleasant sound levels – the actuator needs to be powerful and durable. The linear actuator LA40 HP is just one of several LINAK products ideal for integrating with an advanced control system in a modern dental chair.

Each one is tried and tested to deliver all of the above – and do so for the entire service life. This means perfection in movement for each patient, optimal positioning and no unscheduled maintenance. 

Get local support from a global partner
With offices in more than 35 countries around the world, LINAK is always nearby. We strive to be the global partner with local market insights and a short distance to the people we collaborate with. This gives you a unique opportunity to have both state-of-the-art actuator technology and a knowledgeable partner within reach. Having production facilities in Asia, Europe, and the USA, makes optimal logistics. 

If you want to know more about the actuator LA40 HP or how LINAK actuator technology can create perfect movement in modern dental chairs, please call your local LINAK office. 


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