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News 6 March 2019

Multiple benefits using electric adjustment of operating tables

Plenty of power, smooth and low-noise movement, multiple value-adding features, and an endless number of options for customisation, such as personalised positioning – LINAK® continues to add value to electric adjustment of advanced medical equipment.

Several new actuator products have been added to the already extensive LINAK® product range. Some, for example the lifting column LC3 and the actuator LA40 HP, are designed to deliver power and high speed, while others, such as the control box CO71, incorporate customised software to create advanced movement patterns in your application. Adding a port junction box PJ2 or a LINAK® CO-Link™ solution will allow you to add even more channels and options.

These products all have in common that they are easy to mount and to integrate with advanced medical applications, such as operating tables and surgery chairs. 

OpenBus™ paves the way for multiple features
Many of the new LINAK products revolve around our OpenBus™ protocol and follow the increasing digitalisation in general. In LINAK actuator systems for operating tables, a control box, like the CO41, CO61 or CO71, distribute the power requested by the actuators as well as contain customised software that holds position memory and coordinate a smooth and advanced movement.

LINAK® actuator systems open the door to quite a few safety features too. For example, the built-in EOP (Electronic Overload Protection) inside the control box simply stops the actuators at a predefined or safe level. Safety nut and spline functions make sure that the application will always operate in a safe way. Also, your control box will provide data about the exact actuator position, battery status information, and general service information.

Easy to mount and very simple to service
All the healthcare related LINAK products are compatible across the product range. You can combine the products you need to design your operating table solution and have an optimal actuator system. Everything fits together, and smart cable management makes it all easy to mount. 

Adding a LINAK Service Data Tool, however, you can read out data about actuator performance and battery status. This helps you maximise application uptime and fix issues before they become a problem. We call this ‘preventive maintenance’. In fact, service is almost made redundant. 

Customised and ready for the future
LINAK always offers extensive collaboration and support to our customers. We customise software and solutions and act as your onsite consultant. Our control boxes are prepared for (Bluetooth® Low Energy) and an IoT-future with even more value-adding features.

If you want to know more about how advanced OpenBus™ actuator systems can be integrated in and benefit your operating table application, please, call your local LINAK office.

Multiple benefits using electric adjustment of operating tables

With CO-Link™ you can double the number of channels in your actuator system, using the LINAK products already available. It will operate with twice the power, and even allow you to control all of it with the same (single) hand control.


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