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News 27 March 2019

Adaptability – a key for future dental chairs

Offering highly adaptable actuator solutions with smooth and fast movement, as well as customisable position memory, helps dentists stay efficient and provide optimal comfort for the patients.

Adaptability – a key for future dental chairs

As no two patients in the dental chair are alike, treatment needs to be adapted and unique to each patient. Several things help dentists provide the best possible individual service to each patient – one of them is the dental chair application. Ensuring smooth movement in comfortable patterns, positioning the patient optimally in a fast and effective way, requires state-of-art actuator technology.

Partner with experienced movement experts
Experts in dental care and modern clinic equipment rely on many sources of information and suppliers of innovative technology. When it comes to advanced movement by electric actuators, LINAK has been around since the very beginning. And there is a reason why we are still a market leader. 

Through tireless research, development, and constant technological innovation, we have refined movement built on information from dental professionals. That is why we often collaborate in partnerships to change status quo. In short, we want to share our knowledge and give cutting-edge technology back. That is how you create success, in our opinion.

Quality through innovation and sublime manufacturing
As a pioneer in electric actuator technology, we are used to developing manufacturing processes and machinery to fit our own high-quality standards. Assisted by skilled and proven suppliers, LINAK continues to extend production capacity in its facilities across the world. This means that, regardless of where your production is located, you can rely on consistent high quality in thoroughly tested products. 

Being in full compliance with current norms and standards, LINAK actuator solutions will also help you meet the safety requirements you need in your market. 

Benefit from a diverse product range and high customer focus
Having a physical presence in 35 countries around the world, LINAK strives to be accessible to all our customers. Regardless of where you meet LINAK, you can expect our dedicated commitment. With our vast experience in electric movement, local market insights, and an extensive product programme, you will be able to create the unique and flexible dental chair that will help you stay ahead in the market. 

If you wish to know more about our products, solutions, and services, or just want to bring our LINAK knowledge on board, please reach out to your local LINAK office


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