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News 18 March 2021

New compact desk frames – bring ergonomics to smaller spaces

The new Desk Frame 1 Compact is increasing its potential for use in smaller spaces thanks to its compact footprint, making it ideal for rooms where space is at a premium. This new addition to the Desk Frame 1 series can accommodate tabletops down to 1 metre, offering a perfect solution for both home offices and space-conscious working environments, such as kiosks, hotel lobbies, libraries and even educational institutions.

LINAK compact desk frames

LINAK compact desk frames

LINAK compact desk frames


Same benefits, new proportions

The Desk Frame 1 Adjustable Compact (fitting tabletops from 100 to 130 cm) gives employers the chance to offer the same degree of ergonomic comfort their employees enjoy at work but in a more compact edition more suited to the scale of most home offices.

Desk Frame 1 makes it easy for you and your customers to create the perfect desk solution that any end user will appreciate, helping improve the working conditions and health of office staff – both those who work in the company office and those who work from home.

LINAK compact desk frames

Give your business a head start

The swiftly delivered and easy-to-assemble Desk Frame 1 allows you to move quickly and take advantage of the opportunities presented by today’s changing market. Design flexibility and ergonomics rule in a world where home working is fast becoming the new normal.

Companies are finding they not only have a commitment to their employees’ well-being at the office, but also their well-being at home. The more time they spend with poor home-working conditions, the greater the risk of long-term health challenges. Companies therefore need to explore options that provide their employees with better ergonomic furniture solutions.


Desk Frame 1 Compact – a perfect fit for the home office

The Desk Frame 1 Compact edition gives you a fast and easy to implement desk solution for the booming Work From Home (WFH) market - without compromising on design or quality.

This means you can deliver the same experience your customers’ end users are familiar with at work – but with proportions more suited to a home office environment.

LINAK compact desk frames

Build your desk with a flexible frame solution

The Compact edition builds on the well-known DF1 concept, allowing you to use most of our DESKLINE product portfolio to create your very own, unique sit-stand desks.

Try combining a LINAK Kick & Click™ top frame, a DESKLIFT™ SetPack (containing two lifting columns, a control box, a desk panel and cables), and a set of DESKLIFT™ Feet. All you need to do is add your own tabletop for a design you can call your own. The options are virtually endless.

With the new Compact edition, the extended range of Kick and Click top frames now consists of:

  • NEW Kick & Click Adjustable Compact: Fits desks from 1,000 to 1,300 mm
  • Kick & Click Adjustable Standard: Fits desks from 1,400 to 2,000 mm
  • Kick & Click Fixed: Fits desks of 1,200 mm
LINAK compact desk frames

We’ve got your back

With LINAK as your partner, you’ll get world-class support and industry-leading quality; With 30 local sales offices, we understand your market and can share expertise based on global experience to keep your company on trend and competitive. Contact your local LINAK office here.


Desk Frame 1 brochure
Explore the LINAK full frame concept ‘Desk Frame 1’ - everything you need to build your electric sit-stand desk. It consists of three sets: A Kick & Click™ top frame, a DL SetPack (containing columns, a desk panel, a control box and cables) and DL Feet.

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