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Take control to the next level. The COL50 is a 3-channel control box in a streamlined modern design that will raise the profile of your next lift project. The COL50 is part of the LIFT50™ product series, specially developed for mobile applications where the product is used in wet zones. The series consists of a control box, COL50, a BAL50 battery and an external charger, the CHL50.


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COL50 - designed to raise your profile
The COL50 control box is ergonomically designed with carers in mind, with streamlined looks and practical, easy-to-use interfaces that simply make life less complicated. It delivers a series of features that meet the patient’s need for a safe and comfortable lift.

Lightweight, discreet, and power-packed
COL50 has been designed to be lighter, smaller, and more ergonomically friendly. Its updated look with a clean white surface reduces visual noise, making it easy to integrate the LIFT50™ design into your next patient lift design. Combine this with the next generation of Li-Ion battery technology for high performance and an improved return on investment, thanks to its long lifetime.

Movement in more dimensions
Equipped with three channels, the COL50 gives you fingertip control over up to three independent actuators - to give maximum flexibility for positioning and lifting - with an optional five channels when using the PJ2 control box.

Easy to read
Placed for maximum readability from a standing position, the COL50’s easy-to-read LEDs show battery status without having to bend down.

Save time with turbo
COL50 offers a turbo boost for up to 30% faster positioning compared to normal speed, saving valuable time in a busy carer’s schedule. The turbo boost function makes workflows swifter without compromising safety.

Fighting bacteria build-up
To aid our common fight against bacteria, it is important that patient lifts are able to survive more aggressive washing conditions. With the ingress protection IPX6 washable, the LIFT50™ system is ideal for wipe down and water protected against powerful jets against the enclosure from any direction.

The digitally enabled
COL50 allows you take advantage of tomorrow’s communication opportunities: With optional wireless control, and Bluetooth® for upcoming capabilities like data exchange and service, you are ready for the next step on your digital journey. The data received can be used to schedule services and improve logistical deployment by studying how much the product was used and when it was last washed or serviced. Battery status etc., is also remotely available.

Future ready
In the near future, you will be able to view the product status remotely via your smartphone or tablet using the upcoming LINAK App and get onsite, instant programming for special solutions with SoftCon2 OpenBus™ protocol.

Internal battery charger
The COL50 is available with external charger. The internal SMPS charger makes the battery charging very efficient. Typically, the BAL50 charging time is approx. 4-5 hours from fully discharged state.

COL50 Functionality
The COL50 control box lets you choose a system by:

  • Selecting the number of channels
  • Specifying the functionality by use of Softcon2
  • Choosing a plug and play solution based on LINAK standard or customised configurations

Highlights at a glance

  • Compact modern design that stands out while fitting in with your design
  • Up to 5 channels for movement flexibility
  • Li-Ion battery technology gives a better return on investment compared with lead acid batteries
  • SoftCon2 ready for local software customisation
  • IPX6 washable
  • Turbo Boost means 30% less waiting time during positioning
  • Easy-to-read LED indication – without bending down
  • Redundant controls for fail-safe confidence

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COL50 MK2 data sheet

View the data sheet as an online magazine or download the PDF.

LIFT™ user manual

This user manual will tell you how to install, use and maintain your LINAK electronics.

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Got a question?

- Our team is ready to assist you with technical information, starting a project and more.

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