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Requirement for high reliability in electric boat operation systems

In response to customer demands, Polish boat manufacturer Galeon has increased the use of automatic operation in their lines of motorboats. The wish for more comfort has resulted in the development of different electric solutions using LINAK actuators to reduce manual tasks to a minimum.

Galeon yacht

Galeon is a private manufacturing company with a long history. It was established in Poland in 1982 and it specialises in the construction of luxury boats and motor yachts. With a total production hall area of 25,000 m², it is one of the largest manufacturers in Europe.

Galeon yachts are constantly being evaluated and further developed by demanding customers worldwide as well as by quality and safety certification organisations. The Galeon brand has gained the recognition and trust of clients by paying great attention to detail. To provide the highest product quality, every detail is finished by hand with great care and precision and all new boat models feature electric actuator solutions.


Automation on a yacht is a standard requirement

Boats equipped with electric solutions are very popular, especially in the United States. It is expected that motor yachts combine innovation with practicality. An example of an electric solution is the opening of side balconies that can be done by the LINAK actuator LA36. This solution is featured in the fourth generation of yachts, the Galeon 400 FLY.

Linear actuator LA36

Electric windows are an option for the Galeon 680 FLY and 700 SKY models where the opening functionality is operated by the LINAK actuators LA32 and LA33.

Since the introduction of these actuators, the electric window solution has become very popular. According to Galeon, the increase in sales is connected to their use of the newest technology which goes hand in hand with customer demands for automated solutions.

These days, automation on a yacht is not considered a luxury but an essential requirement.

Galeon yacht

Electric actuators improve processes

Galeon is cooperating with a growing network of dealers all over the world (Asia, USA, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia), allowing the company to use new and innovative solutions.

The demand for energy-efficient and automated solutions in the nautical sector is constantly growing and the new technologies used in boatbuilding are increasingly in line with electric actuator technology that is used for improving processes, e.g. compressed air generation, water pumping and ventilation.

Galeon explains: “We chose LINAK because of the solutions they offer. LINAK products set new standards for durability in the field of electric linear actuators. All components are tested to withstand severe weather and climate conditions such as temperature fluctuations, prolonged vibration, impact, and water. This is extremely important in the luxury yacht industry as we appreciate safety, quality and innovation.”


The motorboat market of the future

According to Galeon, the future brings new opportunities in the form of even better equipped motorboats with innovative solutions and unique designs. The Gdańsk shipyard, where the boats are built, shares this optimism.

The manufacturer is focused on developing and winning new markets as well as gradually increasing sales in current markets. When communicating with clients, Galeon fully understands which solution works best for each vessel and can therefore offer boats tailored to customer expectations.

Galeon yacht

You can see more beautiful boat models on the manufacturer's website


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