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Cobot palletiser solutions

Make your palletising process faster and simpler with electric lifting columns. ELEVATE™ is our lifting column for cobot palletisers, which extends the range of your cobot, increasing both speed and flexibility. ELEVATE uses our powerful LC3 IC.

ELEVATE™ lifting column for cobot palletisers

Lifting columns extend the reach of cobot palletisers

Cobot palletisers are a valuable solution for material handling, as they free your workers from monotonous and physically demanding jobs.

However, collaborative robots with limited reach are prevented from stacking boxes beyond a certain height.

The LINAK® ELEVATE lifting column makes it possible to also palletise the upper levels. The cobot can be raised or lowered during palletising to get the most advantageous working position. Also, it is economically viable to increase the cobot workspace with the column as 7th axis.

ELEVATE lifts your palletiser to the next level because it is:

  • Fast: Load-independent speed up to 100 mm/sec and with optional simultaneous run
  • Flexible: Integrated controller with digital and analogue I/O options or Modbus TCP/IP
  • Solid: Low deflection with 100 kg load and up to 1400 Nm dynamic bending moment

ELEVATE is an easy-to-install lifting column that is designed for cobot palletisers. Various mounting plates make it compatible with a wide range of cobot models. You choose between different communication interfaces to control the electric lifting column with your palletiser system: digital and analogue I/O options (ELEVATE Easy and ELEVATE Pro) or Modbus TCP/IP (ELEVATE Modbus).

ELEVATE is offered with accessories to make the integration easy. Accessory kits include mounting plates and cables. In addition, cobot brand-specific driver software and components are provided, such as a URCap for cobots from Universal Robots and TMFlow for OMRON TM cobots. Use ELEVATE with your preferred components for power supply and safety relays.

Want to know more about the electric lifting column? ELEVATE uses our powerful LC3 IC.

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Faster than ever

ELEVATE boosts your palletiser to match the cycle time of your production line. The ELEVATE speed of 100 mm/sec combined with the benefit of running the cobot and the lifting column simultaneously, can make your cobot hit the target on time. The electric lifting column runs smoothly, and is fully extracted in less than 10 seconds. You can count on a constant high speed with loads up to 100 kg, taking pallet stacking up a grade.


Flexibility meets simplicity

ELEVATE has an integrated controller for compact size and reduced complexity. The data provided by several of the available interfaces makes for easy application, troubleshooting, diagnostics, and optimisation.

The lifting column comes with: ELEVATE Easy, ELEVATE Pro or ELEVATE Modbus. You get full flexibility with various control options. Depending on your needs, you can even choose positioning and adjustable speed.

  • ELEVATE Easy will fully raise or lower the cobot. The interface uses only four digital I/O ports: two signals to control run in/run out and two signals for end-of-stroke feedback.
  • ELEVATE Pro is speed-controlled by an analogue 4-20 mA signal. Position feedback is provided by encoder signals. This allows you to raise the cobot to any position.
  • ELEVATE Modbus is controlled over Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP. Target positions can be sent directly to the column. Several settings, e.g. speed and acceleration, can be changed. Feedback information like position, status and errors are provided.

Solid to last

A solid and stable lifting column is perfect to withstand the dynamics of the cobot. The result is accurate palletising all the way to the upper levels.

With soft start and soft stop, you achieve smooth operation, thereby avoiding unnecessary vibrations throughout the system. This extends the service life of the lifting column along with the brushless motor that also provides precise positioning (+/- 1,5 mm).

ELEVATE takes your cobot palletising to new heights in reliability and performance.

If you have other requirements, please contact your local LINAK office, and if you want to know more about our approach to automation in material handling and production, see more details here.

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Cobot driver software


Combine Universal Robots cobots with ELEVATE by using the URCap.

Universal Robots certified logoDownload

Combine OMRON TM cobots with ELEVATE by using the ELEVATE components for TMFlow.

OMROM logoDownload

Control ELEVATE™ with the Pally URCap, or use to simulate your palletising solution.

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ELEVATE™ - LC3 IC User manual

This user manual will tell you how to install, use and maintain your ELEVATE lifting column.

Modbus TCP/IP User manual

This user manual will tell you about the functionality of our Modbus TCP/IP interface.

ELEVATE™ Quick start guide for Universal Robots

Learn how to set up ELEVATE with Universal Robots.

ELEVATE™ Quick start guide for OMRON TM cobots

Learn how to set up ELEVATE with Omron TM cobots.

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