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News 26 August 2019

Shock testing electric actuators for industrial applications

At the LINAK® Test Centre, electric linear actuators for industrial applications are tested – often to the extreme. Get a peek inside; see how we shock and vibration test the actuators and learn why you should care.

Not many manufacturers of industrial actuators (if any) has a test regime as extensive as the one at LINAK. At the corporate test centre in Denmark every LINAK® product is tested – and none more so than the actuators used in industrial applications.

Lengthy vibration and repeated hard-surface drops
Shaking and rough bumps are part of the everyday life of many electric actuators in, for example, agriculture, construction and many other outdoor machines. In order to cope with rough terrain and deliver perfect performance for many years, design, components, and materials must be considered carefully – and tested thoroughly.

Industrial actuators from LINAK have been vibration tested for 32 hours (up to 6.9 Grms), have received repetitive 50 G shocks (11 ms each) for 2x3 hours, and have been dropped at least 18 times onto concrete floor from a height of 40 cm.

This is why you can rely on your LINAK actuator!

Who benefits from thorough testing
Repetitive shock and vibration tests are especially valued by manufacturers of off-highway vehicles and machinery, where terrain generates plenty of bumps and vibrations in different directions. Here it is crucial that the actuators stand the stress and continue to perform optimally.

Shock testing electric actuators for industrial applications - Wheel loader

Construction vehicles offer the biggest challenge
In the line of construction, there is an increased focus on productivity. Manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to improve performance, and often the result is bigger and more powerful machinery. This directly affects the requirements to suppliers, products, components and materials.


Through the past 10 years, increasing demands have heavily influenced the way LINAK designs products. One example is the actuator housing. It has been strengthened to better protect the components inside against vibration, bumps and shocks. Construction is one of the business areas to have benefitted from this improvement.

Through rough terrain in all kinds of weather
Industrial lawn mowers are among the most agile vehicles in rough terrain. Able to climb steep slopes and manoeuvre through bushes and trees, these machines require equipment able to take on odd bumps and strenuous vibration from different angles.

The electric actuators, adjusting the mower deck on modern lawn mowers, are often placed near the ground. This is the most exposed spot when it comes to stressors such as vibrations and bumps. Industrial actuators from LINAK are designed to absorb vibration, and we test this thoroughly to ensure functionality remains unaffected throughout the actuator’s service life.

Shock testing electric actuators for industrial applications - Lawn mower

We find it absolutely critical that our products work perfectly in the hands of the end users. That is why!

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