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News 9 September 2022

Feet up, back down - time to get even more comfy

The latest addition to our portfolio for recliners is an app. Use the new LINAK My Recliner™ App to offer your customers even more options to adjust your LINAK-powered recliner. Choose to either use the LINAK app or customise it to make your own.

The LINAK My Recliner App open on a phone while on a chair

The saying goes: there is an app for that! Today this is also true of LINAK®-powered recliners. The My Recliner™ App is a free app that can be downloaded in App stores. As one of the first apps in the LINAK world it includes the option of using the in-app payment to access Premium features. As a manufacturer or brand, you can also customise the app to reflect your chosen features and your brand.


A wider selection for consumers

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, the LINAK My Recliner™ App will reduce the complexity in handsets. Consumers can also access additional features in the Premium subscription to enhance the overall experience of the recliner.

Consumer using the My Recliner App

When you offer an app as an addition to the regular control, you give consumers the freedom of choice to adjust their LINAK-powered recliner as they wish.


Unlock for more comfort

The basic features include adjustment of leg, back, foot and/or neck - depending on the number of actuators and placement in your application. It is also possible to get one pre-set favourite position.

However, the app also comes with the option of unlocking the premium features.

The premium features include:

  • favourite positions
  • battery status
  • automatic drive
The My Recliner App with the premium features unlocked.The LINAK My Recliner™ App with the premium features unlocked

Consumers can save the positions they usually prefer, and even enable automatic drive to let the chair run to that position automatically when they tap the button. When someone has a recliner with a battery it is also very convenient to be able to see the battery status in the app. Therefore, the app not only shows how full the battery is but also warns when the chair is running low. Consumers will find comfort in knowing that they always have a great overview of the recliner battery level.


Get your own app

You can choose to customise the My Recliner™ App to reflect your own brand. In your version you select colours, logo and links to your own website. Furthermore, you can decide to limit the system. The purpose of that is to make sure that your customers can only use your customised app with your application.

You can choose which features you want to make available upon download and which you want to hide behind payment. This way you can choose if you want to generate revenue with a premium feature.

The standard LINAK My Recliner app and customised versions side-by-side.

Find all the technical details about the app and read more about LINAK recliner systems.

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