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- Desk Panel DPG1C

Desk Panel DPG1C

Your Desk Panel DPG1C is a smart desk panel for desks and tables. It features Bluetooth® wireless technology, four memory positions, a display to guide you and a LED light strip as a reminder function.

We designed it with a strong focus on usability and intuitiveness - helping you make use of your sit-stand desk. For its user-friendly and innovative design, the desk panel has been awarded with a Red Dot Design Award 2018.

Adjust the desk

To adjust your desk, just tilt the desk panel either upwards or downwards. You can change your posture without even looking or drawing your attention away.

Tilt and hold the DPG1C to make the desk drive up

DPG1C tilt down
Press and hold the DPG1C to make the desk drive down

Here are some quick facts about the functions:


Your desk panel has an integrated LED light strip, reminding you to change position during your working day. 

Pulsating green light strip indicates that everything is okay

Pulsating orange light strip indicates that the user needs to change position

Green light: A green light indicates that you do not need to move.

Orange light: When the green light changes to a pulsating or a static orange colour, it is time for you to move!

Set your own goals
You decide how often you want to be reminded to stand up. Choose the pre-configured intervals or set up your own intervals. Start by standing five minutes at a time. Over time, try to stand 15 minutes per hour.

How to set the reminder interval
To adjust the interval of how often to get reminders to change position, press the bell button to the left of your desk panel. Each white block in the LED strip represents an interval and the three standard positions

  • Interval 1 (one white block): Reminder after 55 minutes sitting
  • Interval 2 (two white blocks): Reminder after 50 minutes sitting
  • Interval 3 (three white blocks): Reminder after 45 minutes sitting

As a default, you will be reminded after 55 mins. Simply toggle through the intervals by pressing the bell button. When no white blocks are lit up, the reminder is turned off.

To personalise an interval with custom values, download and connect to the Desk Control™ App.

Interval 1: Reminder after 55 minutes sitting

Interval 2: Reminder after 50 minutes sitting


Interval 3: Reminder after 45 minutes sitting

Reminder off


Memory positions

Your desk panel can store up to four of your favourite height positions of your desk.

How to store a favourite height position
Adjust the desk to a preferred position and press the “star” button for two seconds. The light strip will now flash white two times to indicate the saving process. When the light strip becomes static white, your position has been saved. 

The display will indicate your saved position with a star and a number of the position. Depending on how many positions you saved, the number inside the star indicates the order in which you saved your positions (for example, first position saved; A star with a “1” inside). 

To save more positions, repeat the process
Toggle through the four available memory positions in the display and choose which one to save the current position as. For example, if you want to store the current position as memory 3: Press the “star” button and toggle to the “star” with “3” next to it. Now use the same storing procedure as described above: Press the star for two seconds and the memory position is saved.

Use the star button to store your favourite height positions


Erase memory positions
If you want to erase all saved memory positions, press the “star” button for eight seconds. The light strip will flash red to indicate when the action is completed.



Drive to memory positions

After storing your memory positions, you can reach the positions simply by tilting your desk panel. Tilt and hold – when a stored position is reached, the desk stops. This allows you to easily change between sitting and standing positions without even looking at your desk panel.



Automatic drive (“full versions” only)

Full version desk panels can activate the automatic drive function: Double tap on the desk panel to let the desk adjust automatically. It will drive to the first position in the direction of your double tap. To stop the driving of the desk, simply tap the desk panel again.


Double tab to adjust the desk to a memory position automatically


Connect to the Desk ControlApp

Use your smartphone to control your desk, get reminders, store your favourite positions and more, using the Desk Control App. It works via Bluetooth® wireless technology and works on Android and iOS devices.

How to connect
Press the Bluetooth®button in the middle for two seconds to enable the pairing mode. A blue flashing light appears. The desk panel display will then show you the Bluetooth® ID of your desk ( “DESK” followed by a 4-digit number). Look for this ID in the list of “Desks nearby” in your Desk Control App.

DPG1C bluetooth


Download the Desk Control App (free)

Apple Store Google Play

Are you ready to get the most out of your sit-stand desk? 

Stay active during your office working day using your sit-stand desk. We have collected some motivational tips and facts for you to help you get started. Experience how changing your posture can improve your well-being and how you will gain more energy during your working day.

Select a blue box below to learn more.

DPG - How to initialise and adjust the desk play-icon

DPG - How to initialise and adjust the desk.

How to pair to an app play-icon

DPG - How to pair to an app

DPG - How to store up to four memory positions and how to reset memory play-icon

DPG – How to store up to 4 memory positions and how to reset memory

DPG - How to use memory play-icon

DPG – How to use memory

DPG – Light strip reminder play-icon

DPG - Light strip reminder

DPG – Reset possibilities play-icon

DPG - Reset possibilities

DPG - How to set correct desk height play-icon

DPG - Set correct desk height. Change between inch and cm


Desk Panels DPG and Desk Control app user manual

This user manual will tell you how to install, use and maintain your LINAK DESKLINE® products.

DPG brochure

A new way to adjust the office desk.

Move brochure

A small booklet about why and how height adjustable desks should be used.

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