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Stand up infographics

At LINAK, we believe it is very important that sedentary behaviour is broken up during the day. These infographics give you an insight in the importance of using your height-adjustable desk.

Are you an active desk user?
Having a height-adjustable desk is not the same as actively using it. Take the test and find out if you're active enough during your workday.
Do you know ergonomics?
Ergonomics is a part of your daily life, and still many of us struggle when asked to explain it. This infographic gives you some good tips about office ergonomics.
What is in it for you?
Many workers have a height-adjustable desk at work without using it. This infographic gives you three steps to encourage you to break away from your chair.
Did you know...?
Many positive things happen to our body when we stand up. Take a look at this infographic and increase your standing time during your workday.
Six steps to a healthier lifestyle
Sedentary behaviour is not healthy, but can be changed. Check out our infographic for six steps that can help you incorporate more movement into your workday.
Stand up for your health
Do you know the benefits of breaking up prolonged sitting? Take a look at this infographic and take inspiration for a more active workday.



6 tips for an ergonomically improved workday by LINAK


Regular exercise is not enough


Stand up for your health


Move brochure

A small booklet about why and how height adjustable desks should be used.

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