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Research: Reminders help office workers use sit-stand desks

A white paper and a case study by LINAK and partners show that office workers use their sit-stand desks more when they are reminded of it.

White paper: Reminders help office workers use sit-stand desks

Would users of height-adjustable desks benefit from a gentle reminder and thereby get more out of their sit-stand office application? LINAK® wanted to find it out.


White paper showed how to motivate users

In a study conducted by the Danish behavioural design agency /KL.7, we wanted find out to what extent (if any) reminders affect the sit-stand behaviour of office workers using height-adjustable desks. 65 people in three different workplaces tested different types of reminders, to see whether interventions would help change their behaviour.


Reminders clearly increased the usage of sit-stand desks

The study found that office workers who normally would not stand at their desks, used their sit-stand desks 12 minutes more each day, if they were reminded. It also showed that office workers who previously had a low sit-stand ambition increased their standing time by 43 minutes per day – thanks to the reminders.


Case study showed the value of LINAK reminder tools for office desks

A case study was carried out to test the promised motivational factor of reminders. It was set up to see if LINAK reminder tools for office desks could create a positive effect on the sit-stand behaviour of office workers. The case study included a test group of 40 participants, all working at the German company Diamant Software. It was conducted by the German ‘Institut für Gesundheit und Ergonomie’ in collaboration with LINAK.


Test group motivated by sit-stand reminders

The test group in the case study was split into two: one half received a 'sit-stand reminder kit' (e.g. the Desk Panel DPG with reminder, as well as the Desk Control™ app and software with notifications) - the other half continued with a basic desk setup. The case study revealed that office workers with the ‘sit-stand reminder kit’ rated the usability of their height-adjustable desks as ‘good’ while also increasing their sit-stand frequency – in other words: they changed their behaviour. The Desk Control software, which reminds users to stand up with a notification on the computer screen, proved particularly popular among the workers in the test group.


Learn more about reminder effects for electric height-adjustable desks

Of course, it depends on individual factors to form a new habit. However, our white paper research and case study clearly indicate that reminders seem to be promising tools for supporting office workers who wish to increase the use of their height-adjustable office desks.

You can read more about the white paper research and the case study below.


Case study: Measuring the effect of sit-stand reminders

A case study on the motivational effect of reminders for office workers at electric height-adjustable desks

Making office workers healthier (full version)

Whitepaper researching the effect of reminders on office workers’ use of height adjustable desks.

Making office workers healthier (light version)

Shortened version with key findings regarding the effect of reminders on office workers’ use of height adjustable desks.

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