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News 20 March 2020

CO53 adds an extra BUS port to your healthcare equipment

LINAK now releases a 5-channel control box with two OpenBus™ ports. This allows customers to add an extra feature/accessory to their application, without adding a modular junction box (MJB).

CO53 adds an extra BUS port to your healthcare equipment

As bed application systems in healthcare become more and more intelligent, adding more comfort-improving features and more safety-enhancing functions is now possible. Some go fully digital with OpenBus™-driven solutions, giving them a wealth of value-adding options. Others, however, only need for a few of the many options available. This is where more adaptive products are required.

Control box CO53 is a bit of both worlds
Having five fully functional channels, the CO53 is for applications where several parts need to be able to move. To enable manufacturers to equip applications with extra features, two OpenBus™ ports have been added. This allows you to have either two intelligent hand controls or to have one hand control and, for example, an attendant control, such as the ACC or ACO. You can also add an Under Bed Light or another of the many LINAK® accessories. The choice is yours.

Prevent unintended movement and have complex movement
OpenBus™ set-ups enable you to create tailor-made movement patterns for your healthcare bed. Meanwhile, the way that LINAK® OpenBus™ control boxes are designed, prevents unintended movement by the actuators in the system. This helps enhance safety in and around the bed and increases comfort for the patient using it.

Compact design and excellent cable management
As with all LINAK® control boxes, you get multiple mounting options with the CO53. It uses the same brackets and is as easy to mount, install, and use as every other LINAK box. CO53 comes with a 190 W power supply and is set up for 230 V. However, cable management is as easy and straightforward as always.

If you want to see for yourself, or just want to know more about CO53 or OpenBus™, please contact your local LINAK® office


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