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News 26 May 2020

Multi-button hand control HB190, perfect for advanced movement

LINAK introduces a brand new hand control, making the handling of complex movement in adjustable medical equipment easier than ever before. The HB190 comes with 19 buttons, 21 LEDs and a wealth of practical features, all easy to navigate and control – right at your fingertips.


Advanced medical equipment often includes an adjustment system consisting of several actuators and additional features. Movement patterns in, for example, operating tables or hospital beds can be rather complex, and the well-being of patients often depends on fast, accurate adjustment of the application.

The new LINAK® hand control HB190 gives the healthcare professional a quick and logical overview of the application’s multiple movement options and many extra features, all in one.

19 buttons and 21 LEDs
The HB190 is in fact designed to help the user navigate all of the application’s possible movement patterns with a minimum of effort. With 19 buttons, 21 LEDs, and intuitive icons, the control quickly leads the user to the right activity and effectively increases patient comfort and staff efficiency. Layout can be customised to fit your specific application.

Increase safety around the application
For medical applications equipped with a battery solution, the HB190 has a battery status indicator to ensure full functionality when the application is moved,. It helps remind staff to change or charge batteries before moving the patient around. This also allows staff to work without having to worry about tripping on power cables, while retaining full equipment functionality.

Enjoy a future-proof hand control
The importance of good hygiene continues to be a top priority in healthcare. That is why many LINAK products are rated IPX6 Washable DURA™, allowing care staff to machine wash the entire application with hot water and strong detergents – again and again. This includes the new HB190, which works with all washable LINAK OpenBus™ systems. It also comes with an exchangeable cable and a magnet lock, enabling care staff to activate functions otherwise locked to prevent unintended movement. This future-proof hand control is, in fact, designed and built to last for many years.

If you want to know more about the HB190 or the many opportunities you have with our OpenBus actuator systems, please contact your local LINAK office.   


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