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Li-ion batteries – powering healthcare’s electric future

Batteries as main power supply or as backup in medical applications are becoming more and more common, and currently, we see a shift from lead-acid to Li-ion batteries. The Li-ion battery technology has a lot of advantages. Besides offering long-lasting and highly stable battery performance to power healthcare applications, the technology also provides high-energy-density, low-weight design, and extended cycles. All in all, Li-ion batteries are ideal for applications where time should be spent on caregiving and not on charging or replacing batteries.

Safety and quality

At LINAK®, we prioritise safety in our battery production. We are dedicated to creating batteries with a high level of safety for end users, which is a key focus during our product development process. We ensure quality by only selecting battery components from certified suppliers and by testing every detail in our advanced test labs to see how they perform in simulated lifetime scenarios. Then we test again, making sure the combination of components and the design of the entire product fulfil our demanding quality and safety requirements.


Fail-safe design

LINAK Li-Ion batteries are unique and designed with a focus on safety, featuring specially engineered, sealed enclosures that include controlled venting mechanisms for overpressure relief. Safety is crucial for both patients and healthcare staff, and it is also important in terms of equipment service life. Our batteries are designed to meet high safety standards.


Safety by design

The BA22 mechanical enclosure is designed to mitigate consequences in case of thermal runaway in a Li-ion battery. Our sub-pack configuration employs an innovative blend of isolating and phase-change materials to effectively halt spread to neighbouring cells. In addition, integrated flame arrestors serve as a formidable barrier, preventing flames from escaping a compromised cell and upholding the structural integrity of the enclosure.

To provide further protection against thermal runaway, the enclosure is hermetically sealed with controlled venting mechanisms that are designed to manage overpressure effectively, contributing to a safer operational environment for the battery cells.

LINAK BA22 Li-Ion battery with a mounting clip system.LINAK BA22 Li-Ion battery

Battery icon blueDual PCP ports for stacking

Battery icon blueReliable performance

Battery icon blueEasy mounting

Battery icon blueQuality tested

Battery icon blueMedically approved

Battery icon blueIPX6 Washable

Battery icon blueLong life

Battery icon blueThermal runaway


Focus on end user

LINAK Li-Ion batteries have been designed with the end user in mind. They are powerful, low weight and smaller than lead-acid batteries. And with a lifetime of up to 8 times longer than conventional batteries and no extra maintenance to prolong lifetime, Li-ion batteries provide significant benefits to end users.


High performance – long-lasting power

Choose LINAK Li-Ion batteries for reliable and long-lasting power. As opposed to Li-ion batteries, lead-acid battery voltage drops significantly with a downward discharge curve. Li-ion battery users benefit from a flat discharge curve with only a slight decrease in voltage resulting in consistent power over a longer period, and a lower replacement frequency.

A discharge curve with grey Li-ion flat curve and downward red lead-acid curve

Washability – setting new standards

Antimicrobial resistance is an urgent global public health threat making infections harder and, in some cases, more difficult to treat. It all comes down to bacteria and fungi developing in a very unfortunate way and therefore, to protect patients and staff, washability of healthcare equipment and components is extremely important. LINAK batteries comply with IEC60601 standards and meet the IPX6 Washable standard to withstand harsh cleaning chemicals, hot water, and high-pressure jets from modern washing tunnels.


Benefits of Li-ion batteries

Besides the performance, the long Li-ion battery lifetime delivers a fast return on investment. Lead-acid batteries might be a cheaper option, but Li-ion batteries last several times longer making them the most cost-effective choice.

Also in healthcare environments, time savings from reduced replacement and charging can be translated into caregiving.

Seesaw with red lead-acid battery in lower end and grey Li-ion battery and a leaf in the upper end


All of our Li-ion batteries are developed for intelligent communication with LINAK control boxes. This allows apps like OneConnect™ and LINAK Communication Interface (LCi™) systems to access battery status quickly and efficiently onsite or with remote access to easily diagnose battery-related issues.


Proven technology

Every LINAK product is developed with a commitment to innovative technology and superior quality with a significant focus on safety. Our robust batteries are designed with safety in mind considering potential factors to ensure their long life.

Before leaving the factory, the batteries undergo rigorous testing for performance under different environmental conditions – including high or low temperature, varying humidity levels, and atmospheric pressure

We are well aware of the inconveniences of a breakdown. Therefore, our goal is to ensure that you get a tried and tested high-quality product; in short; a reliable product.

Set-up battery test facilities, several green batteries lined up for testing at LINAK.

Reliable supply

Healthcare application manufacturers should be able to trust the supply of batteries and components. As a customer, the global presence of LINAK is our way of ensuring you a local and prompt supply chain to match your requirements. The LINAK production and logistics staff are certified for professional handling of your Li-ion batteries.

LINAK: Batteries and control boxes for patient lift play-icon

LINAK: Batteries and control boxes for patient lift

The advantages of LINAK lithium ion batteries for mobile healthcare equipment play-icon

The advantages of LINAK lithium ion batteries for mobile healthcare equipment


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